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Thaba-Jäh was initially the common name of Piet Groblershuis – a residence founded in 1937. Piet Groblershuis was previously used as a house for female students. During the sixties the women were moved to other residences and the residence started accommodating male students. However, the women’s influence is still evident when one listens to the residence anthem. Thaba-Jäh opened as a strong and very popular men’s residence in the 1970s. The residence did extremely well in all spheres, including sport, culture, academia and “karnavaal” (RAG), which Thaba-Jäh won in 1979. That was Thaba-Jäh’s last year of existence. In 1980 the University’s management decided to close and demolish the residence building.

Due to Thaba-Jäh’s popularity this decision led to much controversy under many students. Despite all efforts, the residence building was demolished in 1981 to make way for the Economic and Management Sciences building (E3) that is currently on campus. The residence was re-established on 23 August 2005 but this time as a men’s town residence. The re-establishment happened because the only mixed residence at the NWU Potchefstroom campus, known as Oppi-Wal, was disbanded on 9 May 2005 due to weak results and participation. Oppi-Wal was replaced by the men’s and women’s town residences Thaba-Jäh and Lavaria.



Thaba-Jäh is a relatively young, dynamic residence on the NWU Potchefstroom campus with approximately 150 active brothers. As a young town residence, traditions, culture and brotherhood form the foundation of every proud Thaba-Jäh member’s unique lifestyle on the NWU Potchefstroom campus. Brotherhood is viewed as an important vision in our residence because we are relatively small compared to the other town residences at the NWU Potchefstroom campus. It implies that we get to know our fellow members very well and therefore regard them as brothers who stand together and care for each other. Thaba-Jäh is a mountain of support that relies on pure and clean values, where we can do everything through the One who gives us strength! Consequently we want to project the ideal of a gentleman’s residence that is not only value driven but can also enjoy student life in all its forms.

Thaba-Jäh is and wants to be known as:

  • a proud, dynamic brotherhood;
  • that represents gentlemen’s values;
  • that proudly and honourably but humbly stands in front of our Creator;
  • that acts service oriented towards the fellow members and the NWU community;
  • that pursues academic excellence;
  • to ultimately mould a rounded, performing young man.


Our mission is to be known as a humble brotherhood residence because we have the interests of every brother in the residence at heart. We measure our conduct according to a value system that the residence itself determines and that implies the following:

  • we are a steadfast family that cares for one another and every Thaba-Jäh brother therefore serves his residence proudly and honourably;
  • we wear our badge proudly, we believe in the potential of our residence and above all, we believe in God;
  • we put commitment first, be it in the sphere of sport, culture, support or social life;
  • we proudly compete at all levels with a positive, humble attitude and with perseverance, intent upon delivering the best we can, despite difficulties and criticism by others;
  • we value respect, friendliness and brotherhood highly. We acknowledge everyone’s individual diversity and innate dignity.