The registration process for 2022 first-year students will occur from 25 January – 16 February 2022, with an Orientation (R&O) Programme presented from 14 February – 26 February 2022.

Welcoming messages to first-year students

19 February 2022

Have a look at the below to help you find your feet

R&O Programmes


When should I go to campus?

Students will be invited to come to their respective campuses and residences in a staggered approach, following their successful registration with the University.

What will happen during R&O?

A welcoming event will be hosted in a hybrid format (face-to-face and virtual) on 19 February 2022. An introduction to the first-year academic classes will take place on 17 and 18 February 2022 and will be presented in a face-to-face and on-line modality. The Student Life and Support Services orientation programme will be presented in a hybrid format in accordance with the prevailing COVID-19 conditions at the time.

How will classes work?

The full academic programme will commence in person and on-line on 21 February 2022, with classes presented in the morning between 08:00-13:00, and the orientation programme continuing in the afternoon. The half-day class presentation will end on 25 February 2022, and from the week commencing on 28 February 2022 the full-time class presentation will follow.

R&O schedule

The following schedule provides more information on the registration period and orientation programme:






First-year students online registration and financial clearance period

25 January – 16 February 2022


Staggered arrival period for first-year students

11 – 13 February 2022


Orientation Programme

14 – 25 February 2022


Orientation Programme concludes / Academic classes continue

26 February 2022


What if I am staying in a residence?

Students who have been accepted and placed in an NWU residence must first complete their registration process whereafter they will be able to take-up their place in the relevant residence. The issuing of student access cards and Information Technology Registration will also be completed during this period.


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the University is ensuring that the necessary health and safety protocols remain in place to ensure the health and safety of our students, staff and community. For full details in this regard, kindly visit

It is anticipated that the detailed 2022 Orientation Programme will be made available to the public on or before 31 January 2022.

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Using eFundi

Your academic success partner


ALDE 111: Compulsory Academic Literacy module for all first-year students

Students face many challenges when they transfer from school to university and may not be aware of the demands of higher education in terms of workload and independent learning, or they may be under-prepared academically. Research shows that students’ poor performance at university is often linked to their lack of academic literacy abilities. 
In order to support students in acquiring these academic literacy abilities, the NWU offers two Academic literacy modules at first-year level: Academic Literacy Development in English (ALDE 111) or Academic Literacy Development in Afrikaans (ALDA 111) offered in the first semester and ALDE 122 or ALDA 122 offered in the second semester. ALL undergraduate students who register at the North-West University for the first time are required to register for these academic literacy modules. Students must pass these modules before they can graduate. For more information, please watch the videos, and visit the website.







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