specials with NWU card

The NWU card as a payment card:

What is the NWU payment card? Each and every student at the NWU has a NWU student card used for access to the campus.  The NWU student card can also be used for paying for your meal, cold drinks and even your next Spur lunch.  The card is accepted at all the NWU own dining halls, restaurants and kiosks.  It is also accepted at selected retail stores outside of campuses;

What does it cost?

To use the NWU as a payment card is FREE. It costs you as the student absolutely nothing.

What are the benefits of the NWU payment card? 

Using the NWU card and not being subject to any bank costs is great but there are even more benefits!

No debit order can run against the NWU student card funds.  Your money is safe and under your control;

Shops all over reward students with specials and discounts when they use the NWU student card;

You don't have to carry cash;

Parents and other sponsors can pay directly into your NWU card to laid funds;

Where can I use my NWU card on campus?

You can use your card at any dining hall, kiosk and other NWU operated restaurants and cafeterias. 

Where can I use my card off campus?

See where you can use your card and the stores that accept the card.

Participating store

What specials and discounts can I get?

Latest specials

Can I use it online?

The NWU card can not yet be used online but watch this space for updates.

How do I get money on my NWU Payment card?  

You can refer to the Financial document with all the details here https://services.nwu.ac.za/student-accounts-and-bursaries/payable-fees . You can deposit money into any of the below bank accounts using your NWU NUMBER as your reference;

Payments may be made at the cashiers on all campuses from 08:00 to 15:30 weekdays. A direct bank deposit or electronic bank transfer can be made into any of the bank accounts of the North- West University at ABSA, First National Bank, Nedbank or Standard Bank. The predefined account named “NWU VENDING” must be selected from list of beneficiaries under ABSA’s Account payments, FNB’s Public Recipients, Nedbank’s Bank-approved beneficiaries or Standard Bank’s Companies. Only the student’s 8-figure university number will be accepted as beneficiary reference. Should you still wish to send a payment advice, please fax it to 087 230 3701 or email it to NWU-bankdeposit@nwu.ac.za.

The relevant account numbers are:   

ABSA 40-7010-0351 branch 632-005

FNB 6216-191-6849 branch 240-438

Nedbank 1713-378-558 branch 171-338

Standard Bank 33-038-243-8 branch 052-838

NWU VENDING is therefore exclusively for the cash meal system while

NWU STUDENT is meant for tuition, residence, or other fees only. Please allow 2-3 working days for the allocation of the electronic transfer to the vending account of the student.

How do I know the balance on my NWU Payment Card?

  • Every time you buy the receipt will show your balance;
  • Any store that accepts the NWU card can also print you a balance if requested;
  • You can also log into your student portal and see your balance;