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The most exciting part of your life lies before you, but remember that you have to experience it yourself and you have to make it fun for yourself.  Now is the time to experience for yourself what your mother, father, sister and brother said about their university days – so look forward to it with a sparkle in your eyes, it is better than what they could ever describe. Karlien lady’s residence is a unique residence on campus that can guide you into the world with values, balance and growth. In Karlien you meet your friends for life, discover your potential and grow in your faith. On campus there is a home, only the best ladies may live there, because Karlien is not a name, it is a team spirit that stands seven storeys high. As the years come and go, the memories will remain.


Karlien was established in 1968 and after 47 years the hostel is still just as energetic and proud as always. Our emblem is a donkey named Willempie, which is a unique emblem, since Jesus Christ rode on a donkey thousands of years ago.
Willempie therefore represents humility and a value-driven life journey. Karlien ladies' residence always makes an impression wherever we go as a red mass. We are the largest ladies' residence on campus and we strive to harness every aspect of our student life.


A NWU-Pukke ladies residence of exceptional quality where Karlien ladies subscribe to residence values and traditions.


We will pursue our vision by being a focussed, visible and involved unity that builds on our sound spirit and image through unselfish readiness to serve and by upholding Karlien’s name through cooperation and loyalty.