The House of Knights welcomes you.

On 18 February 1953, Dawie du Plessis-House opened as the first Men’s Hostel on West Campus. Initially the hostel, named after a donor who sponsored £2 000, housed 75 students. In 1958 the hostel was expanded to provide housing for a further 75 students. The original part of the hostel became known as Makouvlei. The newly added accommodation was named Liberalia. In 1994 these hostel’s joined together to form Excelsior, the House of Knights.

In 2010, Excelsior was expanded again to house a further 85 students. This addition to the existing building, became known as Dawie du Plessis. Currently Excelsior is divided into 6 halls: Loners Dekker, Griffons, Harlequins, Barbarians, Legionnaires and Knights. On top of all the doors in the hostel, a board is placed with the following inscription: “Gentleman don’t need rules”. This quote, together with Proverbs 27:17 – “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”, define our actions and behaviour.




  • Knighthood
  • Unity
  • Proudness
  • Respect
  • Brotherhood
  • Discipline
  • Balanced students
  • Academic prestige
  • Striving towards the highest on all terrains
  • To form value-driven Christen men with ambition and consideration of our diversity of religions


As part of Excelsior Men’s Hostel we put the regulations of the North-West University’s Potchefstroom Campus above all else.
These regulations encompass the norms and values of the University, as well as an expectations the University has regarding Excelsior’s Men’s Hostel.
Common decency towards our fellow students and respect for different opinions, backgrounds and races are what we are known for.
As part of Excelsior we live out the name and values of our hostel. Viribus Excelsior – Strive for the Highest.