At Kasteel you don't have to be someone to be part of royalty! We empower you by allowing you to understand your own value. Here you are regarded as a woman and you are treated that way. You will make friendships here that will carry you through life and you will make memories that you will carry with you into old age, you will experience student fun at its best, more than just getting your degree with success! Kasteel cherishes unique personalities and supports you in attaining your dreams. This group of royalty will teach you more than just good time management while you try to attain your life's goals. We also teach you respect and tolerance for your fellow human beings.

Here you will quickly learn that you share more than a bathroom and kitchen – here we share each other’s fears, uncertainties, successes and dreams! Together we do not only build a solid future for our residence, but also a solid future for every woman who finds a home in our four towers. “You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa. Kasteel ladies residence: My home, my heart, my place.



  • Making a real contribution towards the conservation, actualisation and development of the University’s character.
  • Creating a sound religious, academic, social and multicultural atmosphere for every resident in the residence.
  • Practical expression of values such as honesty, hospitality, courteousness, trustworthiness, mutual respect for fellow residents, residence management, the residence officer, workers, the residence guardian and authorities of the university.


  • To keep every Kasteel lady comfortable and happy in Kasteel.
  • To treat first years with dignity at all times so that they will look up to seniors with respect and not fear.
  • To establish and express a Kasteel culture that is in harmony with the PUK culture and its multicultural student composition.
  • To radiate a relaxed and comfortable image to the outside world.