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As a town residence we DO NOT provide accommodation for you – we therefore have no rooms or other accommodation facilities for you. You are responsible to arrange your own accommodation in Potchefstroom. You can visit Pukki-verblyf on the website to help you find accommodation. What we do have available to you, is an Office for all administrative arrangements or a place to find company during lunchtime. We also have a Clubhouse where social events, courses and cultural actions are held.

More about our office

  • Our office is close to the Absa bank tellers on campus.
  • Office hours: Monday–Thursday 12:00–14:00
  • Office number: 018 299 2841
  • We send out an email every Monday to keep you abreast of events in the residence. This information is also displayed on a television in the office.

More about our clubhouse

  • Our clubhouse is on the education campus.
  • The clubhouse was rebuilt and enlarged and in 2013 the interior of the clubhouse is being revamped.
  • The clubhouse is used for social events, residence-related training and exercises, as well as our enormously popular residence sleepovers.

Video > Campus and town residences – a short explanation of differences and similarities.