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Each lady who joins Bellatrix has the responsibility of finding her own place to live. We do however have a Bellatrix building where our ladies can stay if they wish to, but it is not compulsory. You can visit Pukki-verblyf on the website to help you find this accommodation. 

More about our office

  • Our office is close to the Absa bank tellers, across the Pukki shop on campus.
  • Office hours: Monday–Thursday 9:30-10:45 and 13:00-14:15.
  • Office number: 018 299 2841
  • We make use of Whatsapp year groups to send out information to keep you updated on the residence events as well as our social media pages.
  • Our office is a warm and welcoming place where any Trixie can come to relax during office hours.  

More about our clubhouse

  • Our clubhouse is on the education campus at Building C5a.
  • The clubhouse was rebuilt and enlarged in 2013. Our clubhouse has a mural on the outside wall that shows a night sky full of stars and the silhouette of a girl that represents each Bellatrix lady.
  • The clubhouse is used for social events, practices, rehearsals, meetings and so much more.