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Single rooms – De Wilgers only has single rooms that is equiped with a basin, heater,bed,desk and built-in cupboards.

Flats – For the men that study hard and has been in the hostel for a few years , the flats are ideal. They have all the essential facilities, very spacious and are very quite.

Other facilities

Back entrance and parking – used by the back corridors for easier access as well as for parking of vehicles.

Eagle statue – the credo/motto of the residence is written on it.

Bathrooms – equipped with diverse and sufficient facilities for a corridor of 32 residents.

Braai area – situated near the De Willows clubhouse and forms part of the social space.

Do-values – painted on the pot plants (Loyalty. Unity. Respect.) to show every De Wilger man’s constant growth in those values.

Turnstile – used when the residence is locked. Only residents then have access to the residence.

Dining hall – De Wilgers is the only men’s residence which can boast its own dining hall. Students can have lunch and supper every day using their student cards. We also have our own Braaihuis where quality fast food and takeaways are prepared. You can really try our De Wilger Burger!!

Roll of honour –if you had the privilege of being primarius or vice-primarius of De Wilgers, your name will appear here..

Bicycle shed –in the courtyard of the residence bicycles can be locked away safely. A card machine that opens to residents only, ensures optimal safety. In front of the residence and at the back there are also frames where bicycles can be locked down safely.

Foyer – first years perform telephone duty and monitor the flow of people in and out of the residence. The television above the cubicle also shows events (important dates and announcements).

Corridor door – each corridor portrays a different identity. The corridor doors leads to the bathrooms.

Guest bathrooms – there are facilities for visitors (men and women).

Prayer room – cell groups hold prayer sessions here and one can utilise your quiet time here with the necessary reading material available.

HC room – there are rooms at the end of each corridor for the HC members of the residence, as well as for seniors who perform well or have a high rank.

Main entrance –leads to the foyer of the residence..

Small quad – a cosy space if utilised by a small number of people, or a storage place for motorcycles and other equipment.

Clubhouse – De Willows clubhouse is equipped with a pool table, projector, sound system and DSTV and is definitely the heart of De Wilgers. Actions take place here and the spirit of the residence is strengthened here.

Kitchen – contains a big kettle with hot as well as ice cold water (filtered), dishwashing facilities and power points for equipment.

Conference room – the residence meetings are held here and it also serves as a study room. Culture store ; décor pieces, instruments, costumes and much more is kept here. This is also where rehearsals and auditions for various artistic activities are held.

Recreation hall – residence meetings are held here, table tennis, sêr, drama and much more happen here. The side hall also has DSTV.

Open field – behind the residence there is an open piece of land approximately the size of half a rugby field where actions and various sports activities take place.