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To be the leading men’s residence on campus through fostering pride and passion in one another and establishing a unity of brotherhood, setting the standard with self-confidence and managing it dynamically.


  • To honestly, openly and confidently become best friends;
  • Involvement;
  • To offer and give one another support and assistance;
  • Keep the house tidy;
  • To create opportunities for the residence to be involved and grow;
  • To make much of seniors and make first-year students feel part;
  • Win or lose we shall honour Him.

There are many rumours about residences. HEIMAT does not believe in hearsay or rumours.

We give you the facts:

  • FACT: HEIMAT won sport for 2 years and RUGBY in 2007;
  • FACT: HEIMAT has been the best culture town residence for five years;
  • FACT: HEIMAT is the best academic town residence.

Read more HEIMAT facts under achievements. Other residences may give you twisted facts: they may have won a quick touch-rugby tournament and then proclaim they have won rugby. Don’t pay attention to rumours; they are generally spread by some green-eyed monster. As the saying goes, high winds blow on high hills, or in HEIMAT’s case: THE HIGHEST WIND BLOWS ON THE HIGHEST HILL!

So why HEIMAT? Because you want to be part of the best and enjoy your student life the most! Make an informed choice!

Fun facts

  • HEIMAT is a true home, built with fraternal bonds rather than brick walls.
  • HEIMAT is regarded as the gentleman on campus.
  • HEIMAT was one of the first campus residences years ago.
  • HEIMAT’s clubhouse is called the “Klapheis”.
  • HEIMAT’s year end is the “Tour de HEIMAT”.


HEIMAT is a town residence. All students enrolled at HEIMAT live privately in apartments or in any other housing they could find in town. I’m sure you are asking: “Why should I enrol at a town residence?” The answer: to be part of the unique student life at the PUK. Without HEIMAT you cannot participate in residence sports leagues, cultural activities, the reception and introduction programme or the social student life at the PUK!

Walk in front of them to lead, walk next to them as friends, and walk behind them for perspective and guidance.