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We are the only town residence that affords their students the opportunity to stay in a residence, but at the same time also enjoy privacy and be totally part of a residence. Our block of flats is situated right next to the campus, which means that students staying in LaVaria do not have to drive to campus and look for parking, because the slogan on campus is: “NWU Potchefstroom Campus where you graduate before you get parking!” You can find more information on our accommodation at facilities.

We look forward to the challenges that come our way and the HC is ready and able to manage this new LaVaria with pride.

We are the only residence on campus that has pink as its primary colour and it stands out above all the other residences. With our modern clubhouse and beautiful gardens we go all out to host socials and various activities that cater to every student’s taste.

Each of our ladies from LaVaria has a responsibility to use every moment to the full and to be involved in every activity, such as culture, sport and socials, which in turn will ensure that our residence will still be a better residence for many generations to come. Why not join LaVaria? We achieved a 2nd place in the soccer league, a 3rd overall and a 5th overall with serenade for the past two years, 3rd place with decor in our first-years concert, to name but a few. Our sport is doing very well and our spirit is the best!

“Don’t ever stop believing that tomorrow could be better than today; live your dream, and nothing less is good enough for you.” Well, prospective first-year! Visit us on Twitter and Facebook and become part of us; it is the right thing to do. Make everyday an unforgettable experience for yourself and your fellow students here at the PINK residence! May your horizons broaden, may God level your roads and may you experience true peace and happiness in your new residence.