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It is now your turn to make your mark in Oosterhof!

As a residence, Oosterhof has really been undergoing a metamorphosis during the past few years. We are 50 years old this year. We, as a residence, are very blessed to have been able to achieve such an important milestone. Oosterhof women are belly-laugh, ecstatically happy, unashamedly children of Christ who know who they are and what they stand for.



  • Unconditionally Christian
  • A place in the sun for all cultural groups
  • Academic priority


  • The typical activities for the furtherance of the mission themes occur within the residence’s framework of the following four values:
  • Practicing each tradition and custom must contribute towards promoting participation and involvement in the residence.
  • Practicing each tradition and custom must be measured against the criterion of human dignity and aimed at establishing mutual respect.
  • Practicing each tradition and custom must at all times contribute towards personal growth of the individual.
  • Practicing each tradition must contribute towards fostering pride for what the residence advocates.