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On behalf of the North-West University, it gives us as house parents of Patria great pleasure to welcome you to the house on campus, as you embark on your academic journey that will define your career in the years ahead.

Together with Patria’s House Committee we would like to officially welcome and inspire you to approach your chosen careers with confidence.

Your joining Patria comes with a lot of expectations on your part as well as from your parents, us as house parents and your lecturers. All of us have one thing in common, and that is to see you succeed in your studies and become part of the brotherhood here at Patria. We expect that in the year ahead you will start lifelong friendships, and start to explore ways to fill out your days and evenings and the less tangible part of your education here – the student experience.

You are a unique and talented mix of students who will come to join us from every corner of the country. We are all happy and excited to receive you as newly born brothers of this great family called Patria.

We thrive on our brotherhood and set the example with basic old fashioned manners.  We take pride in our excellent values of brotherhood, respect and self-esteem which is grounded in integrity, our trademark, which distinguishes us from any other residence on campus.

We embrace the diversity of our students as we acknowledge that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. We are united against discrimination of any kind.

The Patria community consists of us as house parents, the resident officer, peer helper, the house committee and residents - all who are dedicated to ensure that you become part of our family, that you are comfortable and safe and able to achieve your goals.

Patria is amongst the most prestigious residences this University has ever had. Its rich history can be traced back to the early 1980’s. Many personalities with high repute have passed through Patria’s halls and left their mark. I believe that you have also embarked on a mission that will definitely leave your mark of excellency.

We trust that you will enjoy your stay and that it will be a life changing experience, something you will cherish and take with you for the rest of your life.  To the parents, your son becomes our son, and it is our privilege to walk with him on his path to success.


Patria Greetings

Pieter & Petro Boshoff


Pieter en Petro Boshoff Hanlie Keyser
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