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Corridor 1 - First Base

Corridor 1 - Gorgo

Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway”. Gorgo is the lower corridor in the P-block and is known for its patio braai, Oros social sessions and Great Spirit. Gorgo's colour is orange and we are truly one of the most traditional corridors in Vergeet-My-Nie women's residence. We live our motto daily, because being young and a student is fun. And on GORGO it is even more fun!

Corridor 2 - Bureaucrats

Corridor 2 - Harla Boerla

“Life Offers You One Chance – Make Your Mark”. Harla Boerla is known as the corridor with the most spirit.We are a group of girls with different personalities, but we are always ready to play together to work together and support each other through thick and thin. On Harla Boerla we live our motto by seizing every opportunity and make our mark everywhere we go. We are not only a corridor, but one big happy family!    

Corridor 3- Bad Boys

Corridor 3 - Bacchus

“Once a Bacchus girl, always a Bacchus girl!" What happens in Bacchus stays in Bacchus, but this is an exception to give you a taste of what you can expect from this corridor. Bacchus is the BLUE corridor, where secrecy prevails and pride flows. To live on Bacchus is a privilege and you will quickly be made part of a proud and traditional family. The block lounge is more home than your own room, and Bacchus women like to get together and enjoy life fully.

Corridor 4 - Shibumi


Corridor 4 - Villa-Hê

"We travelled each and every highway, but we did it our way.” Villa-Hê is a corridor for individualists. The atmosphere in the corridor is indescribable, because you cannot put us in a box or stereotype us. A Gang filled with eccentric, diverse, loud, sporty and artistic residents - a recipe for a corridor with a lot of spirit and positivity. The theme of the corridor is Indians and the mascot is an Indian woman, Ayana Southwind Spirit, who symbolises freedom. Because here in VH you are free to be yourself. Together we are a unit in variety.

Corridor 5 - 5th Avenue

Corridor 5 - Histeria

“If you can’t convince them, confuse them”. Hysteria is known as the PINK corridor, and we call ourselves THE LADIES OF THE RESIDENCE. We enjoy every second of our student and residence lives. We believe life is one big adventure and we want to experience it! Our corridor uniform is grey shirts with a pink bohemian emblem and flower headbands to symbolize our free spirits. We all strive to be young, spontaneous, joyful and stylish Hysteria ladies, like the lady on our wall. She is our pride and she is beautiful!

Corridor 6- Haak & Steek

Corridor 6 - Molesnes

"Today, Tomorrow, Always Together." Words cannot describe how it feels to be part of Molesnes! Just like it cannot describe the few from here. As soon as the lift opens and you enter the block you realize you are on the best corridor in Vergeet-My-Nie women's residence. With the smell of coffee hanging in the air, someone always lying on the soft purple carpet and the prettiest block lounge in the residence, Molesnes is more than just a corridor, it is a home! Purple is our colour and Headwick, our corridor owl as well as our mascot, Indigo, is part of every member. On Molesnes each Mollie can be herself and express her uniqueness, whether it's artistically, sporty or academically! Because on Molesnes we are more than just girlfriends, WE ARE SISTERS AND WE TOGETHER TODAY, TOMORROW, ALWAYS.