Caput means "head" or "leader" in Latin and it is characteristic of each young man that becomes a part of our residence. On campus, but also in the outside world we stand out as leaders in the community.

Caput also stands for:

  • Christianity
  • Academic Values
  • Personal Growth
  • Ultimate excellence in each area
  • Total Pride

These values are embedded in each Caputter and allows us stand out among the rest of the students on campus. Caputters are very proud of their residence. We are not only a top academic residence, but excel in other areas like social, cultural and sport. The distinctive spirit, perseverance and orderly manner in which Caputters manage the residence, ensures that this is a residence you will be proud to call your home. It is an honour and privilege to be a Caputter and we sincerely hope that you as newcomer will build the future of Caput in His Light with the same pride.