Dr Nelson Mandela Residence has two wings on the Mahikeng Campus of the NWU.  Dr Nelson Mandela 1, is a female residence and Dr Nelson Mandela 2, is a male residence. Each having 252 rooms.


Each of the two wings have 252 rooms (84 single and 84 sharing). Rooms have beds and desks with chairs and cupboards. There is internet connectivity.

Other facilities:

  • Bathrooms: There are two showers and two toilets per block of 9 rooms.
  • Kitchens: There is one common kitchen per block of 9 rooms.
  • Communal laundry
  • Communal rec hall with:
    • TV
    • WiFi

House Parent:

Mbutho Kaulela (018 389 2277)


Need more information?

Please contact Mr Lyle Mather (018 389 2220) for further information on Dr Nelson Mandela1.

Email: 25872168@nwu.ac.za


Ms Catarina Magqoki (018 389 2920) for further information on Dr Nelson Mandela 2.

Email: catarina.magqoki@nwu.ac.za





Where are we?

We are situated on the Mahikeng Campus. Directions