In the summer of 1958, the first senior women's residence of the P.O.K. was founded by Professor Van der Merwe. He named Eikenhof women's residence after his birthplace, the farm Eikenhof. The farm originally belonged to his grandfather, C.L. Neethling, who planted a copse of oak trees on the farm. C. L. Neethling and often explained the meaning of these oak trees to his grandchildren  – they represent the symbol of strength and beauty.

In 1991, Eikenhof was erected as a senior women's residence of the P.O.K. However, after the lease expired in 1992, it became a men's residence of the college of education. In 1993, the P.O.K bought the residence and it became a senior ladies residence once again. In 2000, Eikenhof, which only housed students in their third year and older, opens its doors for first and second year students too. Eikenhof is already a well-known gem on the NWU Potchefstroom campus.

As the smallest women's residence on campus, with only 134 single bedrooms, Eikenhof is a unique and friendship orientated residence. We definitely do not stand back for so-called "bigger residences", because we see each lady as part of the family and allow her to express her individuality in what she now calls home, Eikenhof.



Eikenhof's vision is to cultivate our core values which are pride, unity, initiative, eagerness and compassion among all the ladies that call Eikenhof home. We also strive to form a sense of unity while fostering every resident’s individuality as our motto says: “be who you are”.


Eikenhof’s mission is to create an environment within the residence that offers its residents the opportunity to have a balanced student life. Balancing academic performance, personal life and residence participation.

We strive to cultivate a lady who is able to speak-up, take initiative and use her strengths to help others while forming part of a unit while she discovers and fosters her own uniqueness. For her to show eagerness and compassion through participation and support for her fellow Eikie ladies. One of the most important aims, is to let every girl leave as a woman who realised her full potential and to always be "who she is."