“Walk in front of them to lead, walk next to them as friends, and walk behind them for perspective and guidance.”


Being one of the leading men’s residence on campus, by cultivating pride and passion in one another and establishing a unit of brotherhood, and by setting the standard with self-confidence and managing it dynamically.


  • Striving for honesty, openness and trust.
  • Forging an unbreakable friendship.
  • Encouraging participation in residence activities.
  • Offering support and help to each other at all times.
  • Leaving things better than we found them.
  • Creating opportunities for the residence to engage and to grow.
  • Treating seniors like royalty and making first years feel at home.
  • Honouring God, no matter if we win or lose.

Fun facts

  • HEIMAT is a true home, not built with bricks, but with brotherly bonds.
  • The HEIMAT building is the oldest building on campus, built in 1927.
  • We always write HEIMAT in capital letters.
  • HEIMAT men are known as the gentlemen on campus.
  • HEIMAT was one of the first residences.
  • HEIMAT’s clubhouse is called the “Klapheis”.
  • HEIMAT’s year-end celebration is the “Tour de HEIMAT”.


So why choose HEIMAT?

Because you want to be part of the BEST while you enjoy your student life to the fullest. Make an informed choice!


Why choose a town residence?

HEIMAT is a town residence. This means that all the students at HEIMAT live in private accommodation such as flats or houses. Housing services that might come in handy:

Pukkie Verblyf (Johann Haupt) and CampusKey (Jaco Marais).


Why should you join a town residence? The answer:

So that you can participate in the unique student life at the NWU Potchefstroom Campus. Without HEIMAT you cannot participate in residence sports, you cannot participate in cultural activities, and you cannot participate in the registration and orientation programme.