"Her foundations were built in 1961. Huis Republiek, we remain loyal to you"

These words will give you goosebumps throughout your time at university and in the residence, will make you sing along at the top of your voice and realise: “This is where I belong”.

Our vision

With loyalty towards and respect for each other we want to achieve Huis Republiek’s full potential. We have passion, we have pride and with initiative we will progress, but always with the necessary integrity.

Our mission

  • Making a real contribution to the preservation, actualisation and development of the norms and values of the Huis Republiek and the North-West University.

  • Creating a sound religious, academic, social and multicultural atmosphere in the residence for every resident.

  • The practical expression and promotion of values and attributes such as loyalty, honesty, hospitality, civility, reliability, acceptable social behaviour, mutual respect and the other values of the NWU Potchefstroom Campus.


After all, the motto of the residence is “Femininity with a touch of otherness” – here any lady is welcome and anyone can bring their otherness with them. The emblem of the residence, the Toeternoelie, is a bird of freedom that represents diversity and uniqueness and once again emphasises how every Repie lady can express her unique self.

Huis Republiek has 221 proud residents, and each one will become your sister, bridesmaid and kindred spirit. With wonderful residence traditions and activities like Repie week, Repie Bazaar and many more in which every first year and senior participates, you get to know the other 220 residents on another level…this is where you get to know their otherness, this is where your flame for Huis Republiek cannot be tamed. We are one of two ladies’ residences on the campus where you can live in a single room on one of our eight corridors from your first year: Allamapstieks, Aphrodite, Caritas, Femme Fatale, GenotGrot, Hunky Dory, Mirre and Welwitchia, each with its own corridor HC member who has the interests of each resident at heart.

Huis Republiek’s façade was declared a national monument, which is unique to us. Huis Republiek is the second oldest residence on the campus and we celebrated our 55th anniversary with a reunion in 2016. Come and be part of the most extraordinary, enjoyable and beautiful residence on the campus and experience what it means to be a student!

Huis Republiek…a positive attitude makes all burdens lighter!