Welcome and congratulations with your choice of Laureus as your new home for the next few years. A home is not just a place where you have a room and sleep and keep your belongings. It is a place where you grow and belong and where you share in love and loss, in good times and bad times together with those that share the home with you. It is also a place where you can be yourself and can give others the space to be themselves, a place that will ask for sacrifices and that will make sacrifices for you.

Laureus will become such a value-driven home for you, if you come with the right attitude and with the willingness to relate to the vision and values of Laureus! The management team of Laureus (house committee and house parents) are dedicated and we work hard to see to it that the Laureus home will give you space to:

  • Progress and perform academically as the highest priority
  • Take part in other activities of the student life
  • Develop your potential

We want you to be a happy person who actively participates in the residence life, who regards the residence and NWU with fondness.


Residence Parent Residence Officer
Mr Leroux Malan Reabetswe Khodoga
Work: 018 299 2852 Work: 018 285 2409
Home: 018 285 2410 Email: 48351598@nwu.ac.za
Email: leroux.malan@nwu.ac.za