Corridor 1 - First Base

Corridor 1 - Bos

Bos, the first and therefore also the lowest province, is regarded as the tranquil part of the Empire of Laureus, known for their well-known motto that leads 'jy hoef nie bo te bly, om hoog te wees nie'.



Corridor 2 - Bureaucrats

Corridor 2 - Fervor

Fervor, the second province, the corridor name means 'passion' and it is the province of the sailors.


Corridor 3- Bad Boys

Corridor 3 - Valhalla

Valhalla is named after the Vikings’ heaven from Nordic mythology.

Corridor 4 - Shibumi


Corridor 4 - Nexus

Nexus, the middle province in the Kingdom of Laureus, is the 'place of gathering' and is also considered to be the link between the provinces.

Corridor 5 - 5th Avenue

Corridor 5 - Majuba

Majuba is known as the Gentlemen's Quarters.

Corridor 6- Haak & Steek

Corridor 6 - Valencia

Valencia, which means 'strong one', is the province of kings, dukes and knights.

Corridor 7- Seven Seas

Corridor 7 - Akropolis

Akropolis, the highest province, is named after the tallest building in the ancient Greek city Athens.