It is now your turn to make your mark in Oosterhof!

As the sun comes up in the east it illuminates Oosterhof lady’s residence, our home, the beautiful newly renovated residence that 131 ladies get to call home. A Oosterhof lady believes in herself and walks with her head held high to the sun. We do not stand back for any challenges, but depend on God, and each other for power and motivation. In our eyes each day is seen as the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. Because in Oosterhof every individual counts, you see alone we are unique but together we are a masterpiece. Oosterhof has a love that cannot be broken, honour & pride that can’t be shaken and steadfast support that binds us all together, Oosterhof your name we will always carry with us.



Oosterhof is a high-quality residence with a Christian foundation, which serves the NWU and all Oosterhof residents.


  • To contribute to the preservation, reality and enhancement of the character of the University,
  • To create a healthy social, religious and academic atmosphere in the Residence for each resident and thereby provide each one with the opportunity to live up to their values.
  • Oosterhof residents must have the opportunity to live life to the full, in a pleasant, homey atmosphere.
  • Residence management strives for maximum academic performance for each resident within a supportive environment.