Patria house on campus, is a proud residence with 258 men. Traditions and culture create the basis for a Patria man’s unique lifestyle, which is widely known and respected on the NWU Potchefstroom Campus. We proudly wear the Albatross on our chest. Patria has an important vision of brotherhood, which implies that we regard our fellow residents as brothers who stand together and care for each other. We strive to be men of our word, to do what we say, to live according to what we believe and to adhere to this truth in everything we decide to take on.


Patria is and wants to be known as:

  • An outstanding, quality residence with character
  • Grounded on Biblical values and norms
  • Of service to the residents and NWU Potchefstroom Campus community
  • Self-controlled, stylish and tasteful at all times and under all circumstances
  • Students who strive to achieve academic excellence


Our mission is to be and stay the residence on campus and we want to build our outstanding residence of character through our actions and conduct. We measure our conduct against a value system that the residence itself determines, which entails the following:

  • We are a steadfast family who cares for each other, and every Patrian serves his residence with loyalty.
  • We wear our insignia with pride, we believe in our residence and above all, we believe in God.
  • Involvement is our priority, and that is why we participate in and support all positive and constructive activities.
  • We compete on all levels with a positive attitude and with perseverance, determined to reach the highest level.
  • We place great value on respect and friendliness.
  • We acknowledge everyone’s individual variety or diversity and inborn dignity.
  • We strive to develop every individual to his full potential so that he can make a contribution in all areas of life as an independent and dynamic young man.
  • We put the love of our neighbour first.
  • We strive to maintain a balanced way of life as embodied in our Calvinistic view of life.
  • We believe in the principles of responsible management on account of our stewardship here on earth.
  • However, we do everything with a realisation of the deep dependence on God’s blessing upon our house.