Villagers is deduced from the word “village”, which means town. Villagers was founded in 1978 after it became clear that there was a demand in Potchefstroom for a town residence for all the students staying in town. Not only is Villagers the second oldest men’s residence on the Potchefstroom campus, it is also the oldest town residence on the Potchefstroom campus.

Out of all the town residences, Villagers is the only residence that did not change its name and also did not close down like some of the others.

We strongly believe in our Christian value system, but we also maintain a very healthy balance between our values, our academics (which is of course the reason why we are here in the first place), our sport, culture, community projects and healthy student life.

Villagers’ emblem is symbolically the winged horse Pegasus (Greek mythology), which possessed godlike characteristics and which kicked a hole in the earth from which a fountain flowed. Those who drank water from the fountain would have knowledge of the gods’ ways. From this the greatest characteristic of the many characteristics of Villagers developed PRIDE:

  • Pride for our Creator
  • Pride for Pegasus and Villagers
  • Pride for ourself and our fellow man


To build and promote our town residence with excellence and pride at all times so that it will serve as an example to others.


With Christ as the head, we strive everyday to be stronger, better and bigger than the day before. We will use the mistakes of the past to strive towards progress and a more dynamic residence in all areas, for now and for the future.