The single rooms are spacious and also include 4 bookshelves above the bed and a large desk. The single rooms include 1 internet point, 1 heater and 1 beeper so that the person on telephone service can contact the resident in her room. The single rooms also have a notice board against the wall (for decorations), as well as a notice board above the desk. Things like refrigerators, microwaves, kettles and fans may be taken into the room. The double rooms are spacious, yet private.

A tall bookshelf with a desk on each side divides the room in half, creating more privacy for the residents. There are also 4 bookshelves above each bed. Each side contains a notice board against the wall (for decorations). Each room also has 2 internet points, 1 heater and 1 beeper so that the person on telephone service can contact the residents in the room.

Other facilities

Each corridor has a spacious kitchen with 2 basins, 3 kitchen cupboards, 5 power outlets and large work surfaces. Each kitchen also has a filtered water system where purified cold water or boiling water can be obtained. There are also phone booths where students can make free phone calls to any place on campus. Each corridor has a laundry room with 1 washing machine, 1 tumble dryer, 2 large sinks and drying racks. Each corridor has its own schedule where every resident of the corridor can reserve a time for doing her laundry. The system ensures that each resident can choose her own laundry time – and no one else may use the machines at that particular time.

Karlien has two computer rooms, one on Floor 1 and one on Floor 7. Each computer room has 3 computers with internet. The rooms are at the disposal of any Karlien resident any time of the day or night.