Our vision

Minjonet's vision is to be a value-driven residence that strives to look to God as our focus in all we do. “Ladies with heart and style” reflects the way in which a Minjonet lady expresses her character.

Our Mission

In light of the above vision, the mission of the residence is:

  • To help every individual to reach their full potential and their goals.
  • To promote interaction among residents and to make sure that they treat each other with respect and loyalty.
  • To help every Minjonet lady reach her full academic potential.
  • To see to the maximum academic development of every resident.

Minjonet stands for:

  • Christianity
  • Integrity
  • Individuality
  • Selfconfidence
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Loyalty

Minjonet refers to her residents as: “Ladies with Style”. This short reference entails much more than just three words and defines the true Minjonet lady in many ways. The statement refers to the fact that we are not only neat and well-kept ladies, but we are ladies with a style that reflects our heart.
This entails the following:
  • Every lady in the residence respects her fellow residence sisters, considers them and contributes in their lives.
  • In a Minjonet lady’s life, there is no place for selfishness or snobbishness. She wishes only the best for others. A Minjonet lady is honest and sincere. She does not gossip surreptitiously, but handles conflict in a mature and positive manner.
  • Positivity, friendliness, willingness to help, politeness and good manners are core principles in a Minjonet lady’s life and these values are taken into consideration at all times.
  • The ladies of Minjonet are involved in the residence and in the community. They serve the residence and have a passion for taking the residence to greater heights. A Minjonet lady aims to do all she does with excellence and she completes things in a polished manner.
  • A Minjonet lady has pride in the residence and wears her residence uniform proudly. Minjonet’s name is not put to shame, but upheld.
  • A Minjonet lady lives with the motto: “Directed on High” at all times and has a relationship with Christ, her creator.
  • A Minjonet lady not only reflects inner beauty, but also outer beauty and femininity. Outer beauty means that she knows that God created her as his beautiful daughter and for that reason she takes care of herself and she walks around with a smile on her face.
A Minjonet lady lives by all the above points, not because rules expect it of her, but because she is a Minjonet lady. We are different from others because we are ladies with both heart and style.