Over de Voor started in 1962, but was officially opened on 26 March 1963. The residence was named after Prof. Johannes (Joon) van Rooy, which held the positions of chancellor, rector and registrar at the University. From 1994, the residence officially took the name Over de Voor, but this was nothing new. Students use to call the residence Over de Voor from the beginning because of the sluice-way separating the residence from the rest of the campus in 1962. Over de Voor is renowned for its famous traditions and distinguished history. The past 53 years saw several achievements ranging from National (Springbok)-sportsman, Springbok coaches, Olympic athletes, top executives in the business worlds, ministers and professors, just to mention a few. Over de Voor is more than a list of accolades. At Overs young men can reach their full potential and distinguish themselves from the mediocricy. In Overs we focus on brotherhood and as true friends who live close to one another so that we can improve each other and be improved ourselves.

Over de Voor’s Motto

The residence’s motto is “VENI, VIDI, IVI”. Translated into “I CAME, I SAW, I LEFT”. This motto was created by Dries du Plooy. This motto represents the various aspects of a student’s life at university. In 1992, Overs also incorporated the unofficial motto “NO GUTS, NO GLORY”, a renowned character trait of an Overs man in overcoming everyday challenges. The residence’s emblem is a lion and was inducted in 1964.


Over de Voor strives in developing a distinctive character, otherwise but still unique, driven by excellence to be adaptable in any situation.


Over de Voor is a dynamic residence which is grounded on Biblical values and norms. Over de Voor is focussed on brotherhood, camaraderie, pride and mutual respect, so that its residents can be empowered to preform to benefit the University, the community and the residence. To be the leading residence on campus in everything we do.


  • Neatness
  • Loyal
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Humbleness
  • Responsible
  • Dignity
  • Excellence
  • Purposeful