How to apply for master's degree and doctoral studies

  • Getting a student number/university number does not imply that the applicant has been accepted for the programme they applied for. A student number/university number is issued for administrative purposes only.
  • All documents must be certified by a commissioner of oaths, attorney and/or university official.
  • If any of your qualifications were obtained at any non-South African institution, an evaluation certificate as issued by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) must be submitted. Applicants can apply for the evaluation certificate from  SAQA.
  • Please note that if any of the documents you have to submit were issued in your maiden name, you have to also submit a certified marriage certificate.
  • See guidelines for applying online
  • Additional information may be required by the relevant faculty - please be sure to check field of study (master’s & doctoral qualification information) columns. faculty websites.


Apply as follows