The eagle flies alone!

During the phase of life of being a student, there are many challenges, opportunities and people along your way. The enthusiasm with which we tackle this challenge, the opportunities that we pursue with vigour, and acquaintances that we change into friends and above all brothers are characteristic of Veritas men’s residence. Our alma mater has a sentimental value for us, and everyone has a home where they can go to after a day’s work. Veritas is not merely a house to its residents, but a home. When your perceptions change into perspectives, you realise that you see the world through the eyes of an eagle.

You should attach a deeper meaning to all the experiences that you had in Veritas during this phase of your life, and not only to the “good times”. People enriched you and moments overwhelmed you. In Veritas men’s residence, the best in you will come to the fore and you will learn to play just as hard as you work, be it on the stage or on the playing field or behind your books. In Veritas men’s residence, you will learn things about yourself that will better prepare you for the world waiting for you out there. But above all, you will make friends in Veritas men’s residence that you will keep forever, friends with whom you will be able to go through thick and thin.


Men in truth



To develop men with pride, passion and an infectious spirit through faith and prepare them for the future. We aspire to develop leaders, not only on this campus, but also in the world out there.