Welcome to Wanda Woman's Residence. At Wanda we build family ties by showing mutual trust and respect towards our fellow residents. We acknowledge the uniqueness and individuality of others and nurture a caring culture that contributes to our multi-cultural and diverse residence atmosphere. The residents at Wanda are of utmost importance to the residence management. Your interests are close to our hearts!

As is the case in any home or in any family, communication is of the utmost importance. For this reason, I invite you to make inquiries with myself, the Primaria or any other house committee member at any time. It does not matter how big or small the problem is that you might have.

To ensure you become part of the residence, it is important that you take time to learn the names of your fellow first-years and the senior students in the residence. Make it a habit to join in when it comes to residence activities and to also support the various activities. This will ensure you become part of the student life in the residence as well as the North-West University of Potchefstroom. Wanda is not only your residence, but your home for the duration of your studies. We will pursue the values of Wanda and those of the North-West University together. Your primary goal at this university is to be successful in your academic career and to obtain your degree. Your holistic development is of the utmost importance to us, and for this reason you will be encouraged to involve yourself with the various levels of the university life in some way or another.

Regards, Johan Botha


Prof Johan Botha Ms Lungile Ngcobo (Residence Officer)
Work: 018 285 2265 Work: 018 299 1145
House: 018 299 1140  
Email: Johan.Botha@nwu.ac.za

Email: 52528022@nwu.ac.za