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SCC Elections for the term 2019/2020 – Final Election Results

Following the process and period of nomination, verification, campaigning, and voting, as prescribed by the Student Representative Council Constitution (2017), overseen by the Independent Student Electoral Committee, falling within the office of the Registrar of the North-West University, the following final results are hereby confirmed.

SRC Constitution

As per Schedule 2, of the SRC Constitution, section 6, 7, 8 and 9, the following can be confirmed:

6 The election 

6.1 The election is conducted electronically by means of secure mechanisms and procedures provided by the Registrar, and in accordance with the provisions of article 2.1 of this constitution. 

7 Counting of votes 

7.1 Votes are counted electronically by the internal auditors of the university, overseen by ISEC. 

8 Appeals and objections 

8.1 Within forty-eight hours after the release of the results, candidates may submit appeals or objections against specific procedures and outcomes of the election to ISEC. 
8.2 ISEC may engage aggrieved candidates, and must promptly investigate the procedures and outcomes against which appeals or objections were raised. 
8.3 The findings of ISEC regarding an appeal or objection are final and binding. 

9 Ratification and announcement 

9.1 An external auditor appointed by the university audits the results of the counting of votes contemplated in paragraph 7.1 to verify its accuracy. 
9.2 Upon receipt of a positive audit by the external auditor, ISEC ratifies the results of the election and declares it to have been free and fair. 
9.3 Following ratification of the results of the election, the SCCs promptly release and publish the names of the elected candidates, the number of votes won by each candidate, the voter turnout as a percentage and the number of spoilt ballots cast. 
9.4 The outcome of the election must be published electronically and on public campus notice boards. 

Elected office bearers

These candidates are therefore regarded as the elected office bearers for the Respective Campuses (SCC Members) and Open Distance Learning (SRC Representative):