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How do I apply?


Please make sure that you log in with the FireFox browser. Complete the online application form and submit with the required documents to your campus of registration:
  • The academic record attached should be the FINAL RECORD of the preceding degree with a PASS result. 
  • Apply irrespective if you have been approved by the faculty. If declined by the faculty, the bursary will be cancelled.

Information Pamphlet

Carefully read the Instant Info for Honours students and Master's and Doctoral students. Make sure you understand the conditions for qualification before you apply.

A   NWU Postgraduate Bursary

Compulsory:     All students from the second year of the degree must attach the
      prescribed Progress Report to the application.

B    NWU Postgraduate Academic Merit Bursary

 APPLICATION FORM:     Academic Merit**
**Students from other Universities: These students must apply annually on the prescribed application form. This bursary is automatically calculated for North-West University students only.
The NWU Postgraduate Bursary and Academic Merit Bursary are two separate bursaries.

Closing Dates

Honours Bursary:                           31 January 2021
Master's and Doctoral Bursaries:   31 March 2021
Academic Merit Bursaries:             30 April 2021

Bursary Enquiries

Direct e-mail enquiries to your campus of registration:
Mahikeng Campus:               MC-PostGradBurs@nwu.ac.za
Potchefstroom Campus:       PUK-PostGradBurs@nwu.ac.za 
Vanderbijlpark Campus:       VC-PostGradBurs@nwu.ac.za

Relevant Postgraduate Information

Information for International students