Selection information

  • Paper / Academic selection: Selection is done on the academic achievement of Gr.11 (final) or Gr.12 (June or final) results. The best candidates are selected. Average performance is also considered. Successful candidates must still meet the minimum requirements in the final Gr.12 exam.
  • Selection tests: In addition to academic performance some programs may require selection tests that may include psychometric questionnaires. Please refer to the information below for each program.
  • Closing dates:

Selection courses

PLEASE NOTE: Selection does not mean you must write a selection test. There are different selection processes for different courses. Please read through the information on this page carefully to determine whether you are required to write a selection test.

Courses that require selection tests

Selection is done on the basis of academic achievement based on Gr. 11 or Gr. 12 marks as well as a psychometric assessment. The psychometric evaluation includes personality, aptitude and other questionnaires, as required by the specific academic programme.

  • Theology
    • Selection consists of Gr.11 marks (or Gr.12 if available). Only students who wish to train for the ministry in the Reformed Churches in South Africa must also undergo psychometric assessment. Information about the assessment arrangements will be communicated directly to the student by the faculty.

For enquiries regarding selection, you are welcome to email


After you have submitted your application, you will receive a letter informing you whether you meet the criteria for engineering studies. If you do not meet all the programme requirements with your Grade 11 marks, you can still be considered by the selection committee. The selection committee will recommend the engineering test or the Xcel programme as alternative ways to qualify for engineering.  If you receive a letter of invitation to write the Engineering Test (issued by the CAAO / Admissions Office), you may contact the Faculty of Engineering for an appointment. Read more about the selection process for Engineering.